Sunday, 16 November 2008

Cablefree and Console Independent Arcade Stick

The stick is console independent. It uses for signal transfer a radio transmisson module, ISM band, 433 MHz like ZigBee protocoll stack. Signal protocoll is autonomous. The receiver gets the signals and feeds the corresponding gamepads. Thus the stick can be used with any kind of console without using cables.

Arcade Stick -> Sender ...[Air]... Receiver -> various gamepads like DC, xbox, xbox360, ps2

This module is an own development. If someone is interested I can detail about delay time, power consumption, protocoll, ...

If you're interested in buying this module contact info(at)

Inside the controller. The sender uses two batteries. 5V will be scaled up from 3V. Thus means the application is low power. Module goes in safe modus when batteries are really empty. Protection for rechargeable batteries are included. Green IT at it best ;)

The receiver is connected to the DC pad hack. DC Controller then sends signals to console.

Close-Up Receiver. Red wire is antenna. Microcontroller is covered by wires.

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