Friday, 9 September 2011

Triple Mod working on PS3, PC, XBox, XBox360 and Wii (Dual Strike + MadCatz TE + PiiWee)

I finally got a project finished with which I began months ago: a triple mod :)
There is a Dual Strike in there for PS3, PC and XBox support, a MadCatz TE PCB for XBox360 connected to the Dual Strike and a PiiWee for Wii. The challenge was to use the USB connector to connect the stick to the Wiimote such that the non-Wii PCBs are not powered when connected to the Wiimote to avoid battery draining.
The basic idea is to switch VCC and GND for the Wii-side and use this to either connect the USB PCBs or the PiiWee to the data lines and buttons. First I tried to accomplish that with diodes but the voltage drops where too high, now I'm using transistors to switch the VCC, GND and button lines. To switch the data lines I'm using two 4066 ICs. I had to externalize the Dual Strike's 4066 to always have it powered, as two cascading 4066 hurt the USB signal too much and if it's unpowered it interferes with the Wii signal. There's also an EX Strike in there for a more flexible setup, the orange boards do the switching magic.
Here are the pics...
With two cables missing to give a better view:
And fully assembled and connected to a Wiimote:

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