Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Operation Wolf : Repair Log - Final

Operation Wolf


##Final Lap on Repairing my Operation Wolf##

Operation Wolf auf KLOV
Operation Wolf auf Wikipedia

Service Manual and Schematics

Operation Wolf Cabinet Service Manual 6 Pages, 381 kB File.
Operation Wolf Operating Manual Quick_Reference 6 Pages, 1 MB File.
Operation Wolf Operating Manual 17 Pages, 2.1 MB File.
Operation Wolf Schematics Complete 11 Pages, 8.7 MB File.
Operation Wolf Schematics 9 Pages, 2.1 MB File

Reparatur Anleitungen

Hantarex FAQ
Hantarex MTC 9000 Manual
Hantarex MTC 9000 Schematic
Hantarex MTC9000 Ablaufdiagramm
TroubleShooting Guide Williams
How to Discharge an Monitor
Elektronik für den Unterhaltungsautomatentechniker


- gun coil mechanism defect - repaired
- gun trigger defect
- sometimes gun works, but then left hand side screen and top could not be aimed.
- Picture of game doesn't fit on screen

Action #1 : Cleaned the gun, completly disassembled the gun, cleaned the lens (!IMPORTANT!). ie found in the gun a little alu paper hiding the lense. That was a slap in the face :(

effect : Could aim again, but left hand side and top not aimable.

Action #2 :

Take care about a Cap Kit
Chassis Hantarex MTC9000 :
Cap Kit List

Dissambled and discharged the tube

grab the multimeter and measured the voltage according the specs:

TP1: 23,85V
TP10 : 131,6V
TP12 : 12,05V
TP13 : 25,92V
TP14 : 188,8V

TP14 is 12V less, but anyway.

Okay, voltage seems fine

Grab the ESR Meter and replaced


My ESR meter showed me some more caps to defect in circuit. But when they was desoldered everything was fine.

Neck board

Neck board

Took the chance and made an extension for the config pots.

This fix was not such simple, but finally the game picture was fitting in the screen tube. AND the best: Gun was working and aiming flawless again :)

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