Tuesday, 17 January 2017

Pi2Jamma new release is upcoming

For the next console Image release we offer the following emulators.

It supports :
  • AdvMame
  • AdvMenu
  • Genesis
  • MegaDrive
  • lf-fbalpha
  • piFBA
  • mame4all
  • PC Engine
  • Turbografx16
  • C64
  • SNES
  • NES
  • Atari 2600
  • PC Engine CD
  • Master System
  • Gamegear
megadrive commodore genesis snes pce tg16 gba arcadeNES atari2600gamegear master system sega cd


Simon Paynton said...

how soon is soon? any improvements to the gui, I have mine setup vertical and is been pretty disapointing... The screen is upside down (can correct this in the GUI but FinalBurn is still unside down), also no shortcut to add coin so have to keep a keyboard connected... I would swap to retropie, but though this devise would send normal keys, but not the case, so not idea how to get this to work with retropie...

Had two of these off you (one for each cab), given up on it for now, for sure is not working anywhere near as it should.

Jochen Zurborg said...

Soon is now. Jamma interface comes with a coin signal of course. Take a look at the documentation page for the latest release. Also join the fb page for support

Simon Paynton said...

document page being http://strike-devices.net/index.php/arcade/pi2jamma/??

This gives me software export_pi2jamma_20170129 (for Arcade/Console) or export_20170129.7z (Arcade), I have tried both, are these the latest?? of so whats the shortcut for add coin?? I cant seem to find it...

Also are both going to be maintained?? or should I stick to one or the other??

I dont have facebook but I dont see any more current links on there anyway...

Jochen Zurborg said...

There is an arcade and console image. For vertical screen go with arcade image.
Pi2jamma implements the Jamma Interface, Coin is on pin 16
your cab should have a coin switch. If not, then it's not Jamma compatible.

If you want to tweak the Jamma Standard, make own shortcurt, make custom settings, then prepare the console image. I strongly recommend to benefit from the facebook group and the comunity members.

Own shortcuts can be made with a simple patch or editing /etc/pikeyd165.config

Use ssh to log on.

Simon Paynton said...

OK thanks, yes the Arcade version is much better... Honestly didn't think of using a real coin :) that though does work, so that makes it all work pretty well... ideally though a shortcut such as "player 1 start + player 1 button 1" to add a coin would be simpler, I will look into pikeyd as mentioned.

Jochen Zurborg said...

most people attach a button to that switch. I've made this for all my cabs. The arcade image is purist on this interface and is using direct controls without config possibiltiy. The console image has more freedom to make own modifications, ie the mentioned pikeyd config.