Tuesday 16 December 2008

SD2IEC Drive for Commodore C64

So, here some pics of my sd2iec drive. It works with normal sd cards and D64 image files. The image files can be downloaded from the internet, saved on the sd card and then loaded directly in the C64.

Tape port connector is only for power purposes.

Pic from PCB.

SD2IEC attached to C64. Disk change button could better positioned on left hand side.


bracket said...

I see you took the power for the SD2IEC directly from the tape drive port. My SD2IEC(v1.2 the one made by NKC Electronics) operates at 3V according to specs and the board, the tape drive port gives out 5V. So does your SD2IEC work on 5V or did you do something else to make it work? And yes, I'm a total n00b when it comes to electronics. :)

bracket said...
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Arcadeforge said...


the NKC Board should've a 5v pin, too. I'm using a hw based on shadowolf.