Friday, 26 March 2021

ARCADEFORGE new Avengers Infinity Quest Stern Pinball Plastic Protectors with polished edges.

We are proudly present our new Avengers Infinity Quest Stern Pinball Plastic Protectors with polished edges. This polished edges gives a more powerful color optic comparing to laser cut ones. Additionaly illumination comes very bright and nice here

Lode Runner Arcade PCB Original Irem

We are selling Arcade Pcbs.

See here a very rare nice working Lode Runner PCB

Get in touch with us via Facebook, Instagram 

Regamebox for pi2jamma and pi2scart : usb stick files with media and roms

This is the usb stick download link for our pi2jamma regamebox distribution. Most of the assets will work for pinhp as well. 

I recommend to divide operating system (sd card) and media / rom partition on two different physical devices. Operating system updates or complete new sd cards can happen from time to time. Imagine you have to copy 128gb again. 2nd, sd cards have lower life time. If you plan set up with 1000 games plus, go with usb

This is also for reference how the usb stick folder structure looks like. Everything is documented on wiki as well. 

Added Marquees, Bezels, lrfba romset and changed regamebox.conf to show clones and all directions. Cleaned favs.

Call for participant : a converter from regamebox folder structure to retropie, pinhp or other distributions would be great.

Additional information : regamebox has a scraper. You copy your wanted games to your usb stick, then go to the scraper and it will download only the media files for your set.

Wednesday, 10 March 2021

Hitbox update

Hitbox update

We also offer color options for our hitboxes. Just request your color in the order comments on ArcadeForge

Thursday, 11 February 2021

Pikeyd165, Rpi4, pi2jamma and retropie

Some people ask me about Linux voodoo for starting pikeyd165 on a rpi4 with pi2jamma and retropie

Here it is 

Download RetroPieRGB from git and copy it to the boot folder.

Start up system, press F4 to go to shell.

sudo cp /boot/RetroPieRGB/etc/pikeyd165.conf /etc

cd /boot/RetroPieRGB/usr/local/bin

sudo ./pikeyd165 -d

Put into auto start somewhere.

Don't forget to alter config.txt with hdmi_timings stuff.

Have in mind that this is for the DIY guys. Use ready to go distribution where possible

For Auto starting pikeyd165

sudo cp /boot/RetroPieRGB/usr/local/bin/pikeyd165 /usr/local/bin

sudo nano /etc/rc.local

Use text editor to add sudo pikeyd165 -d in first line

Saturday, 6 February 2021

Star Trek : the next generation pinball modding

First time using light post. Looking forward how they look like. 

Before and after pics of the lanes. New fluorescent plexis are used. 

Fresh cnc milled protectors. 

Slingshot protect 

Plexi at the bumper 

I have dissambled the whole plexi set of the sttng pinball, scanned all plexis and vectorized all of them. Then I put them to dxf and cnc milled in yellow fluorescent plexi. Here are some pictures.