Thursday, 11 February 2021

Pikeyd165, Rpi4, pi2jamma and retropie

Some people ask me about Linux voodoo for starting pikeyd165 on a rpi4 with pi2jamma and retropie

Here it is 

Download RetroPieRGB from git and copy it to the boot folder.

Start up system, press F4 to go to shell.

sudo cp /boot/RetroPieRGB/etc/pikeyd165.conf /etc

cd /boot/RetroPieRGB/usr/local/bin

sudo ./pikeyd165 -d

Put into auto start somewhere.

Don't forget to alter config.txt with hdmi_timings stuff.

Have in mind that this is for the DIY guys. Use ready to go distribution where possible

For Auto starting pikeyd165

sudo cp /boot/RetroPieRGB/usr/local/bin/pikeyd165 /usr/local/bin

sudo nano /etc/rc.local

Use text editor to add sudo pikeyd165 -d in first line

Saturday, 6 February 2021

Star Trek : the next generation pinball modding

First time using light post. Looking forward how they look like. 

Before and after pics of the lanes. New fluorescent plexis are used. 

Fresh cnc milled protectors. 

Slingshot protect 

Plexi at the bumper 

I have dissambled the whole plexi set of the sttng pinball, scanned all plexis and vectorized all of them. Then I put them to dxf and cnc milled in yellow fluorescent plexi. Here are some pictures. 

Wednesday, 25 November 2020

Pi2jamma v2 Premium Version Release

Find here our famous Pi2Jamma v 2 premium vesrion. This is one of our best products and of course always on stock. 


The Premium offers the following additional features compared to the Pro version:

  •     Adjustable screen color strength via the built-in RGB amplifier    An adjustment axle for the strength of the screen colors
  •     Chamma support: Button 6 for players 1 and 2 are placed on Jamma pin 27 and pin e. This jamma extension is often used in 6 Buttons Arcade Cab. The Chamma support can be switched on and off.
  •     CPS2 kickharness interface. Many Candy Cabs support this interface for Button 4, 5, 6 Player 1 and Player 2
  •     Extra pin header interface for video signals: External image converters or similar can be connected here.
  •     Extra pin header interface for all free GPIO pins of the Raspberry Pi
  •     Support of the switch signal, can be switched on and off

Both Pi2Jamma v2 versions offer

  • native 15 khz RGBS CRT video output for standard arcade RGB CRT,
  • direct lagless controls
  • sound amplifier with volume control
  • 6 Button Support for each player
  • Jamma interface. 
  • new design for mounting raspberry pi and an enclosure 
  • Support all Rasperry Pi Versions with 40 pin gpio : rpi3b, rpi3b+, rpi4


Pi2jamma v2 pro version

Find here the pi2jamma v2 pro version. The pro version has all features to set up a simple standard gaming system for a Jamma interface Arcade cabinet.

  • Supports 15 kHz RGBS standard Arcade RGB CRTs 
  • Jamma Interface with 6 buttons per player extension 
  • Audio Amplifier 
  • Volume knop for Audio Amplifier 
  • 40 pin gpio interface 
  • Video RGB amplifier 
  • Audio jack 
  • Screw holes for Raspberry Pi and enclosure

Friday, 20 November 2020


Find here the new CRT RGB PICTURE SHIFTER. 

It's available now at and other distribution partners.

The CRT RGB picture shifter pcb is a little device that shifts a CRT RGB picture  from left to right and vice versa.

It will be connected between Picture RGBS source and the CRT.


  • It has a input RGB Scart and a output RGB Scart connector.
  • Position of picture will be adjusted with a Axle. 
  • Sync resistance of 75 Ohm can be switched on and off with a jumper. 
  • Led shows if unit is powered on or off. 
  • Standard power plug of 2,1mm / 5,5mm inner pole plus usable on all arcadeforge devices. 
  • Power supply needs 5V with 0,5A, inner pole plus, 2,1mm / 5,5mm 
  • Unit has a power on and off switch 

Saturday, 29 August 2020

Roadshow pinball coin door bracket

This is the bracket in the coin door for closing the 2 switches. 

Roadshow repair eyes not moving left

Time go deeper in the docs till eyes still not moving. 

I checked ops manual for the connector and coils eyes moving left and right. After that I refer to Williams schematic. 

Roadshow Flipper Repair and Restoration

Here's is the first part of repairing Ted froa roadshow pinball. Removing Ted needs the dissambly of various parts. It's one of the most challenging repairs someone can face in pinball restoration. 

Issue is that eyes not moving left. 

Turns out coil SM-30-1100 is defect. So I replaced it and expected it to work again. But the issue still exists. Back to the documents then.