Wednesday, 4 February 2009

Padhacking and Piggyback for the UPCB + PCB illumination

I'm currently builing yup my project box. A project box includes the gamecontrollers for an Arcade sticks. The buttons and stick aof the arcade stick will be connected to the pads of the gamecontroller. The gamecontroller send then the specific console protocol to the console.


Arcade Stick -> Wire to corresponding button of gamecontroller board -> connection to console.

1. Press button on arcade stick
2. Signal will send to gamecontroller
3. gamecontroller translates signal in specific console protocol
4. gamecontroller send state of button to console
5. console receives button state.
6. Game reacts.

Enough of theory. If you're interested in further information then slagcoins tutorial is a good starting point.

Now my wireless environment with project box

Arcade Stick -> radio sender -> AIR -> Project box [ radio receiver - UPCB - piggyback Dreamcast and xbox360] -> all consoles

UPCB is a module to support all (!) gamecontroller except dreamcast and xbox360 which will be piggybacked.

Here's the realization:

Padhacks for piggybacking the dreamcast and xbox 360 controller.

This dreamcast padhack wires all needed buttons and directions. Extra gimmick is here the desoldering of the VMU connector. The connector was removed and transfered with wires. Connector will be build in the case.

All unnecessary stuff was removed: Analog trigger LT and RT, analog thumbsticks, LB and RB switch, direction pad. Potentiometer was replaced with resistors.

Same idea like the dreamcast. Logo was scratched in the plexi with use of a dremel.

Here's the piggyback dreamcast connected to the UPCB. The third little board is the radio receiver.

Let the lightshow begin. :-)

Illimination of plexi was done with the Dreamcast_select line from UPCB. Led used is RGB SMD 0603 underneath the tape. Plexi was prepared with dremel.

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