Monday, 9 March 2009

Dual PCB Setup Part 1 xbox360


I'm just modding a arcade stick for Sinjul. Stick has no name with a defect PS2 PCB. I ripped out the mess and re-wired it completly. The Stick was modded with Sanwa Parts.

Wiring is now daisy chain for GND since the dual pcb needs common ground.

Now the stick is ready for the new PCBs.

First of all comes the xbox360 PCB. Unfortunately the PCB is non common ground, so here the common ground fix is needed.

Okay, the parts are in the and finally I can play SFIV :)

TODO : PS1 pad hack and building it all together.


Deepthoughts said...

Interesting. How did you wire that non-common gnd 360 pcb to work in a dual mod?

bencao74 said...

Take a look at the common ground mod with optocopplers

here exactly

Deepthoughts said...

I think I understand it. Thanks!

bencao74 said...

ok, otherwise leave me some lines www dot arcadeforge .dot de

There is a contact form :)