Friday, 27 March 2009

Group Portrait with Lady

Here we go:

Went yesterday evening to the PunkRockCaveman and gather our new sticks. Seems that my new Cammy stick feels among these others ;)

Here again: Group Portrait with Lady

The artwork cost me a lot of pain. I've learned much about the Adobe Tools, since I quit the job and searched some nice guys to help out.

Cammy is based on a picture from Warren Louw.

It was re-colored from my sister Julia. Very good job, kepp on!

Background designing was done by Flyinghorse. Check out his new hadouken stick and the last in row in the group portrait. Great Job, too!
- Led Mod
- Soldering

Buttons look very good and the size is just for bosses. You're the chef with this one!

- Artwork
- Soldiering

Cordell Case:
- Very good case job by the PunkRockCaveMan. He miter the parts very clean and the face is very smooth. Check out more pics on his blog.

Yes, here's the final. This is the new Stick for KC|Boiler. It has overwhelming look on first sight. When then taking a deeper look you will discover the great accurate job by FlyingHorse. The cover is printed laminated adhensive foil. It's normally used for taxi cars. This means it's absolulte scratch resistant. The wohle Acryl was lasered! There're no bugs or somthing like that. And finally the engraving on the bottom!

- Mounting
- soldierig
- Led mod

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