Wednesday, 22 April 2009

Mad World and Final Showdown Case Work


here's the third part building up the madworld and final showdown Sticks.

Lacquering is done. I don't care about color of the case. Really important is that the color is black ;)

Red bottom plexi is used. This kind of plexi gives ql effect. See below. Case has miter joints. Material used is MDF. Pillars are cutted from nature wood.

Final showdown sticks will get a blue plexi. Take a close look at the accurately fitting of plexi to MDF case.

Sun is burning on a late april sunday afternoon...

Functional buttons like start, back, guide have a 24mm hole.

Okay, first mounting. IT LOOKS GREAT!!!!! But now the problem. I'm to silly to get a marginless print to work. So you see here white margins at top and lower side of artwork. Okay, once again the whole process ;)

Design will'be of course screwless since we're using the new clear screwed seimitsu buttons from the arcade shop.

Red functional buttons. Button Artwork is a todo. Plexi is still not perfect.

Natural led mod. :)

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