Wednesday, 29 April 2009

Madworld Stick finished.


so I've finished the madworld stick. Case was built by PRC.

Feature List:

- Artwork was printed on UV resistant photo paper
- Machine-cutted Plexiwith ergonomic 8 button layout and stick position
- Case made of MDF and sprayed with several layers of color paint and clear coat
- Screwless top plexi which fits perfect!
- Button Artwork inlay
- Red colored bottom plexi fixed with screws and threaded caps.
- Parts: Sanwa Stick, Seimitsu Clear Pushbuttons, 24mm sanwa functional buttons
-Wwireless xbox360, dismantled play& charge, external rechargables batteries mit battery connect mod. Thus rechargables batteries are very easy to change.
- Sanwa Stick adapter Sanwa Stick (Common ground)
- All components are connected to terminal strips. So all components are exchangable
- Synch Button is reachable through bottom plexi
- USB Connector in bottom plexi for internal Play&Charge Kit

Great stick!

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