Thursday, 16 April 2009

New Stick Projects: Mad World and Final Showdown


yesterday i finished the stick for Jens. Building this stick I've learned that plexi is sometimes sad to work with. If somebody has hints for scratch resistant plexi please leave a comment.

Second: the measurements are great! Next sticks for myself will've this measurement too.

Third: Mounting issues about countersinking and threaded caps.

But now to two new sticks:

- Mad World
- Final Showdown

We're starting with the parts and soldiering job.

Good part choice: Sanwa Sticks, Balltops in black and red. Functional Buttons in red and black from sanwa, too. Play Button are clear pushbuttons from seimitsu, really beautiful ones.

Heres the soldiering for the wireless pad. Commong Ground for the sanwa stick, headset support and tailored power pack on back side. Recharging will be done via USB connector.

Case pics will follow soon. Aaaand watch out for the really great artworks.... :) (cliffhanger done!)

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