Monday, 13 April 2009

Part 5: Pad Mounting, Wiring and Finish


today the stick arose to life! I've mounted the xbox360 controller pcb and made the wiring. Wiring will not win the beauty price, but hoewever: it works very fine.

Button configuration is now:

LT; X; Y; LB
RT; A; B; RB

I've observed that while testing street fighter IV (what else???) that functionality of stick depends on the controller configuration used in the game. Since I was using gamepad configuration buttons was only working in configuration menus, but not(!) in game.

I switched the configuration to Arcade Board and all was fine. This was a little bit disturbing. Used Configuration is

- Arcade Board
- Layout B

Okay, here're the pics.

Wiring and placing the pcb.

Fixing all the parts. Common ground mod is on top on breadboard.

The black plexi is really beautiful.

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