Tuesday 4 August 2009

Button LED on Press Mod for Toodles Cuthulu

Hi out there,

finally the Cuthulu's arrived. Cuthulu is a little piece of hardware to built up Playstation 3 and PC Controller, mainly Arcade Sticks. The advantage against the UPCB or padhacking is the really easy assembly.

I've pimped up clear push buttons with red LEDs and wired them as easy as possible. Take a look:

Connect LED Cathode (black wire from led) to Button Signal Line.
Connect LED Anode to VSS (Red Wire)
Connect Button Ground Line to daisy chain GND (Black wire without led connection)

Connect red wire to VSS, Black wire from led to button to signal. And one black wire to GND

And Action

Have fun


Unknown said...

hi. I want to use leds on a cthulhu, is it ok to wire up without resistors?
anode-button signal-VCC => cathode-button gnd-GND, is that correct?
the leds are 5V, I got them on gremlinsolutions.co.uk, doing it like in this post will work?

Arcadeforge said...

Use 220 ohm or something, then you should be safe!

Cathode - Button Signal
Anode - Resistor - VCC (5V)

Nothing else ;)

wiseless said...

Hi! I wonder if I could use it in 8 buttons without getting my USB fried or something in case of a combo when more than 1 led with turn on at the same time. Is there any risk? Only one resistor per led is enough?

Unknown said...

can I use these images to make a tutorial in portuguese?

Arcadeforge said...

naturalmente. Aqui e diagrama


Omar said...

Hi! Great mod! I could only find 2.3V LEDs. Is there a way to use them with the 5V Cthulhu Vcc?

Arcadeforge said...

jep, buy normal leds and then use 220 ohm resistors. This makes them work with 5V

Unknown said...

Hey, great tutorial... but I'm wonder... does the button gets illuminated everytime it's been pushed or does it permanently? I'm asking because I'm going to mod an X-Arcade Solo with the Cthulhu and another set of joystick and buttons and since I want it for play mostly on my PS3 I was thinking of add the PS Home Button but I want it in multi-colored led and as you can imagine, it requires to keep illuminated all the time while changing colors.