Monday, 18 January 2010



I'm so glad to present you the finalization of the E-Limitator PCB.

You all might know the problems that occur when you use an 8-Way-Stick for 4-Way-Games. If you don't push the stick exactly in one direction and two microswitches (or leafs) are pushed the same time, the game character might stay where it is instead of climbing up a ladder (Donkey Kong) or go down (Pac Man and other maze games). The switching mechanism is often not that easy to use....most of them have to be switched from under the panel.

The mode can be switched with a button and a RGB-LED shows the actual setting.

There are the following modes available: 2-way vertical, 2-way horizontal, 4-way and 8-way.

The motion filter E-Limitator analyzes and filters the users intended movement of the game figure. This way the ease of play of 2- and 4-way games with an 8-way joystick improves noticeable.

The PCB kit (just the pcb with parts....not assembled!!!) can exclusively be ordered at


Assembly instructions:

Beside the RGB Display PunkRockCaveman has applied an 7 segment display to show the current mode.

2 ways vertical

2 ways horizontal

4 ways

8 ways

8 ways are displayed in top.

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