Sunday, 21 February 2010

Dual Strike meets Fight Pad

Pic Tutorial for connecting a xbox360 Fight Pad to Dual Strike.

Dual Strike is a PS3 / PC GameController Board for home made / DIY gaming equipment like Arcade Sticks or Cabs.

Dual Strike is complete solderless for supporting PS3 or PC. Connect your buttons and sticks directly to the screw terminals.

But Dual Strike can do more. It had an extra connector for supporting xbox360 consoles.

You`ve to soldier a common ground controller pad and connect it to dual strike. Dual Strike has then one USB plug for supporting both consoles (PS3, xbox360). Press any key and xbox360 support is turned on. Press no key and PS3 support takes place.

Here are some pics. More detailed step to step tutorial will follow.

Step 1

Prepare your work. Get a 20pin IDC / ribbon cable. Strip the wire end and presolder them. Deassemble your game controller.

Step 3:

Presoldier your game controller board. Every point needs a solder drip.

Step 3

Solder the wires to points. Pin mapping will follow !!! For the pros : It`s UPCB pin mapping. To be done!!!!

Step 4

Connect the piggybacked game controller to Dual Strike!

Et voilĂ  (for our french friends ;) )

Dual Strike new version supports PS3 and xbox360 without needing a extra switch. Press any button or stick direction while plugging to switch on xbox360 support. Press nothing for PS3 compability.


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