Tuesday, 2 February 2010

TSOP snes mem 29F032 Adapter

TSOP Adapter for SNES Carts

Ok, this project is only for backup SNES cartridges purposes. Check out all the sites in the internet what`s possible with this little mod:

Link 1

It's possible to programm your backup roms and build youur own SNES Flash Card

Picture is taken from a similar project. 29f032 Falsh Programmer is used here in combination with TSOP SNES MEM prototype adapter.

This adapter was done dozen of times before of course.

Link Kudos to that boys.

Programmer are available at 40€ on ebay.

To be continued.


hatchlingtranslation said...

Endlich ist das Ding fertig.
Hoffe die Beta Phase ├╝bersteht die pcb ohne weitere probleme

Arcadeforge said...


Paket ist gerade raus. Viel Spass damit.