Wednesday, 31 March 2010

Death Stick Case and Artwork finanlized.

Okay, some words about this stick. 6 Button Sega Layout, Sanwa JLF with drilled shaft, cover and drilled bubble ball. Drilled shaft and ball will be used for LED mod. Sanwa Stick has a octogonal restrictor.

Neutronik USB Plug, and even Seimitsu Clear Push buttons for Home, Back , Select. The frame was countersinked to fit in those buttons.

Black mirror Lacquer and laser cut plexi with polished edges. I`ve attached no dust washer, because the polished plexi edges for the joystick hole looks so great. Perhaps a clear washer should attached here.


Light Mod for all button and stick
Dual Mod Support for xbxo360 and PS3 consoles.
Case polishing

some worklog pics

My girlfriend says one of best work so far. :-)

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