Tuesday, 9 March 2010

Dual Strike : Ready for sale

Dual Strike is ready for sale!

Dual Strike is a controller board and supports PS3 and PC. It has an extra piggyback connector for connecting additional controller pads like the xbox360 or dreamcast.

Dual Strike exists so far now in three different versions:

- Dual Strike V1 (current Version) and Dual Strike SMD features
  • PS3 and PC Support
  • Firmware update via USB
  • Dual Mod Interface like UPCB piggyback connectors.
  • Imp like interface, press any buttons or stick to switch to xbox360
  • simple to install, screw terminals to assemble your parts
  • GND lines on each screw terminal lines
  • Inverted Trigger support
  • No PS Home button support so far
Dual Strike SMD Version was made by Gummowned and can be achieved directly from him.

Contact me for the Dual Strike V1 Version.


Unknown said...

it looks very interesting. How does it work? is it similar than the cthulhu? you have to wire the pcb in a ide cable, right?

Arcadeforge said...

Correct, there`re some blog entries how to connect a ide cable to a Fight Pad. Check it out.

This interface is very easy to use.. Try it ;)

Unknown said...
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