Saturday, 20 March 2010

Master Strike PCB : The Intelligent Control Center

Master Strike PCB

After doing some Led Mods and wireless Dual Mods with PurpleArms we find it usefull to have a power-saving control center for led modded and dual modded Fight Sticks.
So here we go.


- Intelligent switching by detecting button presses on power up
- Makes wired setups completely free of physical switches
- Reduces requirement for wireless setups to one physical switch (SPST)
- USB switching (2 channels)
- 6 channels of power switching: provide power to any device you want up to 800ma per channel (for LED, controller PCB, anything you can imagine!)
- Power can be supplied by USB or by Battery (set by solder jumper on the back of the board) or even both (for advanced users only)
- Highly compatible with any common ground controller or mod such as DualStrike, Cthulu products (dual mod setups included), LEO dual wireless board. Common ground controllers include all PS3 controllers, TE sticks and certain xbox controller models
- Can be run stand-alone to do LED switching and/or USB switching only
- Additional via holes to ground is provided to help group ground wires
- You can use this board to switch Arc-Eye LEDs!

OPTIONAL FEATURES (parts not included):

- Microprocessor can be reprogrammed any way you want via ISP programming interface (standard 2.54mm breakaway header/pins required)
- 6 output channels are designed to use 3.5mm screw terminals
- USB mini-B jack compatible (for main USB connection)
- Indicator LED on the underside of the board (5050 SMT RGB LED required, 0805 Resistors required). Indicator LED states the current switching setup.
- convenient spot to solder joystick LEDs and resistors to (common ground)

Exmple setups and uses:

Image you've build your dream fight stick with ARC EYE, wireless Dual Mod ala LEO or wired with Dual Strike.
How to switch only the blue LEDs and PS3 on? What about playing xbox360 only with green LEDs. We want to save battery power in wireless setups, so please switch PS3 off while playing xbox360!

With SPST power switch or USB:

When power is turned on (usb plugged in, or spst switch is flipped), PS3 PCB and PS3 USB and all blue LEDs are on by default.

If alternative switch is turned on, then switch to 360 PCB and 360 USB and blue leds are activated.

Map your buttons to Master Strike and switch LEDs off while playing in tournament.

Define your own setups and switch them easily on startup :

- Play PS3 with a specific color.
- Play xbox360 wit a specific color.
- Play the consoles without LEDs
- Play the consoles only with Case Lighting
- Play the consoles only with Stick Ball Lighting.
- [...]

Okay, much stuff so far.

State of Mod

Order for parts and PCB has been placed. Prototype firmware is done.
We await the PCBs in a f ew weeks. Project is of course open soure. Developers are welcome. Target is Atmel based environment. MC can be ATMega8, 8L 88, 168 ...

The board has a general design and be used for prototyping.

Some technical stuff

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