Tuesday, 27 April 2010

Custom Stick Death


here`s another Custom I`ve built. This stick comes with an awesome artwork, all button light show and Led Ball Top. Of course the stick is dual modded and supports xbox360 und Ps3 out of the box. For xbox360 press select on startup. My goal was this time to make something really sturdy. My customer told me that he is used to his new Byrdo stick. Upps, what nice, never feeled a similar pressure when bilding this custom. Nevertheless Berisha gave me all the time I need to built up this one. And after weeks I was satisfied with the result. Most item was built in several times to find the way. Especially on the led ball and bottom I decided on new ways.


- Dual Mod xbox360 and PS3
- Led Ball Sanwa JLF with Shaft Cover
- 6 Button Layout, Pink Leds on press
- 3 Config Button, Pink Leds on press, with leather art
- MDF lacquered in mirror black
- Plexi Laser cut with polished edges
- Bottom 2mm Aluminium

all this makes the Death customs to one the best sticks I ever made.

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