Thursday, 24 June 2010

Dual Strike HW Revision v2 and waiting for TEasy..



some very good news about the Dual Strike project(s). Finally I`ve got my PCB and assembled them with parts. And what happiness after first testing: They do their job !

New Features :

- Symetrical Design
- 4 Mounting holes
- 4 GND Terminals
- SMD parts for faster assembly
- All pins on screw terminals
- USB datalines on screw terminals

Here some pics.

6 pcs Dual Strike. In the middle in upper row my testing board.

Nice isn't it?

But now to something very ql. The first solderless solution for making a dual mod with your TE.

The ribbon cable interface will be connected to TEasy.

Then screw down the stock TE USB cable to the screw terminals for D+, D-, VCC and GND. That's all. More info will presented hopefully on EVO in Las Vega from Phreakazoid187.

Current State o project:

- Test switchless functionality for Dual Strike v2. 4066 should arrive this we
- Wait for TEasy Test PCB from Phreak

Yeah, that was fun :)


Boiler said...

Cool cool, you re my man, ben(cao)

IvIePhisto said...

Congrats! Even better than before, which is hard :) I especially like the screw connector for the USB-lines setup.

Arcadeforge said...

@boiler : just ordering the parts

@Michael : :) jep, that make it possible to use the stock cables. I like this one. Hopefully I get some parts this weekend.