Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Installation Pictorial of DIY Scaler Chain

Pictorial for Installation of the DIY Scaler Chain.

Step 1

Check your parts:
  • 2 pieces VGA Adapter
  • Upscaler PCB with enclosure
  • Sync Strike PCB with enclosure
  • SLG3000 PCB with enclosure
  • PSU
  • two wire power harness, red wire 5V and black wire GND
Step 2
Plug the VGA Adapter in Sync Strike and SLG3000. Use on SLG3000 the connector "video in". Both should fit smoothly.

Step 3
Plug the power harness in the Upscaler PCB with the white connector. The open end wire will be screwed into the power screw terminals of the Sync Strike device


The screw terminal are labeled on the Sync Strike PCB.

Step 4

Connect Sync Strike plus VGA Adapter and SLG3000 plus VGA Adapter to the Scaler PCB. Check the picture for the connectors.

Step 5

Connect RGB Scart cable to Sync Strike. Connect VGA Cable to SLG3000.

Step inbetween

Before powering up your stuff take a break and relax.

Then take a look again at your setup and check it. Connectors fitting fine? Screw terminals are screwed down properly? Ok, go ahead.

Step 6

Connect the PSU to the SCALER PCB.

Expected result:

Red LED is light on. Switch is in position "PSU".

Red LED is light on. Take a look at the button, you need them later.

Red LED is light on. Turn the switch to position on. Turn Dip4 to on, DIP to off.

Step 7

Configure your scaler.

First, the scaler is from china, so set it to english language. Use the 4 buttons on the scaler PCB. The enclosure has cut outs here.

- Goto point 4. (still chinese right now) and then check point 1. for english language setting.

- Goto point 3. Display and set it to resolution 640x480.
- Goto point 2. Geometry and center your picture.

Expected Result

You should now see the scanlines on your LCD. Congrats your`re done.

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Sync Strike


Anonymous said...

A single box case "all in one" (like a XRGB unit)should be great.
3 cases with multiple cables, it seems a little bit complicated...

Arcadeforge said...


sure. This pictorial points out a cheap do it yourself way to get 1+ Scanlines. I`m working on a all in one solution.


Anonymous said...

Can you tell me where I can buy the Male to Male VGA adapters? I have been looking for that exact model you use here and all I find are the thin yellow ones that unfortunately don't make the set up as tidy as the one you have here.

Arcadeforge said...


yes, for that reason I`ve made some myself. Check