Monday, 13 February 2012

SLG in a box : Enclosure work


this is the follow up to the kick off .

I`ve done a first enclosure for the SLG in a box.

Some featues :

- VGA Input
- YUV Input
- Audio Out (from Scart)
- VGA output
- Scanlines for 480p and higher resolutions.
- Scanlines switch On / Off
- Switch On / Off
- Power Led for Unit and scaler
- Switch on / off for scaler
- Switch for Resolution Config
- Scanlines Intensity Adjustment
- Odd / Even scanlines
- All controls at the front of the enclosure
- OSD menu for scaler configuration
- All interfaces at the back of the enclosure

Unit is still in development phase.


D.K.Mettal said...

haben will ;-)

sebnec said...


Do you think you can achieve this project anytime soon ? Cause I wanted to order your DIY Scaler Kit but I must admit a all-in-one case would be ten times better.

By the way, any idea about the price of such a product ?

Thanks in advance for your answer.


bencao74 said...

okay, there first bunch is announced for 4-8 weeks. Please mail me for a preorder. use the arcadeforge contact form or my mail jochen "at" zurborg "dot" info