Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Gameroom : Filling with Cabs and Pins

On a lazy sunday afternoon I filled the room with my cabs.

I decided to put the Quadros in front of the windows. They`ve little rollers and can be moved quite easy. The OW is not easy to move, nor the paperboy.

My two pinballs. The STTNG and the Tomcat.

Both comes from badebaer. He`s living in the near of Meinersen.

The Paperboy from Pieter. This one was fetched from the netherlands.

This one was bought from ebay.

This cab is my favourite. It`s a 3-in-1 centipede, millipede and missile command. It was built in the states from a company called Team Inc or something.

The Operation Wolf. This one is a pain.
This Quadro comes from Hass and was fetched from Hamburg.

The Asteroids was given to me from Olliver Knagge. Thanks a lot!

This one is a italian sit down cab. It was customized from PRC.

My Jukebox. It has cool bass. 100 CD changer in less than 3 seconds. The mechanis are visible from outside.

You saw the three hellos. They`re to much and the room is overcrowed. They have to go, at leat two of them. Get in touch.

Okay, time for decoration stuff. Willi.O made a great TRON sign from steel. This was made with a plasma cutter.

For my american diner desk :)

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