Monday, 12 March 2012

Gameroom Renovation : Day 8 - 11: Heater installation, electric, painting, filling

Day 8 :

heater installation. Pipes are burried in the wall.

Day 9 :

Drilling the sockets.

I`m a very lucky one. I missed the water tubes for only mm's. v

finally I was wiring the sockets and filled it with plaster.

Finally I was making 30 pcs sockets in this room with three 16A main wires.

16A wire 1 : 12 sockets for cabs
16A wire 2 : 12 sockets for cabs
16A wire 3: Fridge, Lights and musicbox

Take a close look at the sockets. I`ve foressen each 3 pcs socket with a data wire. Later I can switch each socket with a 5V wire. I`ll post more infos about this.

Day 10 :

Stephan was helping me filling the wall holes:

Jenny has polished the wood, done the acry job and painted the ceiling.

Ups, little mistake on the floor. One ending of the plate was not covering the basement wood. It breaked by just steppping on it. So I had to replace the plate.

Day 11:

The main control switching area.

don't ask.

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