Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Gameroom Renovation : Furniture Design

Current status is that I`m nearly done with the building stuff. So I made some thoughts about the furniture.

I`ve made again some scetches:

Diner Bank

This is base for custom actions

Custom Options:

- Red and white stepping or pure red steppings.
- Logo
- This design has black underbox

this design has a flat seatplace and a leather basement.

comments welcome.

Leather color :


Desk will have the same Aluminium frame.

Color of decore

Please choose ;)

Tischdekore 01
Tischdekore 02
Tischdekore 03

My fav is

- Came U1365
- Magnolia U1306
- Creme hell U1357

Two basement options: I´ve decided for the black one.


What about this one?

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