Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Breakthru SLG-in-a-Box


 this is my resurrected project called SLG-in-a-Box. It´s pretty the same as the XRGB units, but more focused on gaming equipment.
It converts various video sources like Scart RGB, YUV or VGA to HD video output VGA 640#x480 31Khz.
Okay, one thinks, nothing new so far, BUT:
This units emulates real scanlines on modern displays. Thus SLG3000 is perfect to get arcade feeling for games coming from the 15Khz times.
Veteran gamers will feel a glow of fondness when the word ‘scanlines’ is mentioned. Again, this is a case of outdated technology boasting an appeal which simply cannot be replicated by modern devices; for the uninitiated, scanlines are a characteristic of old CRT monitors – the kind that were standard issue before flatscreen LCD and plasma TVs arrived on the scene.
In modern games, the lack of scanlines isn’t an issue, but with retro titles – with their pixel-based graphics – scanlines are of vital importance. They serve to sharpen the image, giving 2D visuals more clarity. It seems almost absurd, but a quick look at any 2D game running under scanlines proves the point beyond all doubt.

I`ve done a first enclosure for the SLG in a box.

Some featues :

- VGA Input
- YUV Input
- Audio Out (from Scart)
- VGA output
- Scanlines for 480p and higher resolutions.
- Scanlines switch On / Off
- Switch On / Off
- Power Led for Unit and scaler
- Switch on / off for scaler
- Switch for Resolution Config
- Scanlines Intensity Adjustment
- Odd / Even scanlines
- All controls at the front of the enclosure
- OSD menu for scaler configuration
- All interfaces at the back of the enclosure

Testing so far :

Scanline Emulation : Works :)
RGB Scart input : Works :)
YUV input : Works :D
VGA input : Works :DD
Input controls : WORKS :DDD
    - B1 = Up, B2 = Down, B3 = OSD, B4 = Source select
On Screen Display : Works
Scanlines switch On / Off : Works
Switch On / Off : Works
Power Led for Unit and scaler : Works
Switch on / off for scaler : Works
Switch for Resolution Config : Works
Scanlines Intensity Adjustment : Works
Odd / Even scanlines : Works

So this is the breakthru. The unit is working as expected. So I start the production.

TAKE CARE : I`ve made a new and smaller enclosur. Watch out.


bencao74 said...


no, thus is really difficult. Winnie was thinking one time about an emulation of an aperture mask. But we cut off these plans.

Besides this the smoothing must happen in the scaler algorithm itself. And this is a cusstom of the shelf product I can't access.


Jakob said...

You were talking about Pre-orders but where can I do this? Would love to get my hands on onof these :)

bencao74 said...


get in touch via the ArcadeForge.DE Contact Page! Thanks