Monday, 25 November 2013 PiJamma Project : Building a Raspberry Pi Arcade Stick DTV

PiJamma for Raspberry Pi

 Earlier we announced the PiJamma Project. PiJamma is an add-on PCB for the Raspberry PI that simplifies connecting retro hardware like old game controllers or jamma arcade bartop or cabs.

Youtube Video

 Today my idea was to built a Arcade Stick that can be directly plugged to TV like the old good C64 DTV, but now with  "everything".

Planned Features:

- Acryl Arcade Stick: all the nice tech stuff can be shown.
- Raspberry PI with 32Gb SD, packed with emu stuff plus WLAN Adapter
- PiJamma PCB for connecting Arcade Controls
- HDM plug
- USB plug
- PSU connector
- LED Modded buttons with new Acryl holder
- Buttons with inlay artwork
- Artwork
- Aluminium Panel
- NeoGeo 4 Button Layout
- Sanwa JLF Stick unit with Link. Stick can be pulled off.

 Here the stock unit and the button with inlay artwork.

 Aluminium Panel with Stick unit.

 LED modded button. Acryl holder for 5mm LEDS.

 Checking where to place the components.

 One sees here the interface panel with USB, HDMI and power supply interface. Rapsberry PI will be powered via PiJamma.

 USB interface and HDMI interface connected to the interface panel and Raspberry Pi.
 Arcade Controls connected to the PiJamma. Signals will be forwarded to Rasperry Pi GPIO interface. Additionally the LED Mod was installed. 
 GPIO interface connected.
 The stick unit can be detached. So transport is more easy.

 LED mod off
 LED mod on, ok, it`s better to make such pics when it`s dark.

 close-up of the panel interface with USB, Power and HDMI.

 Just connected a keyboard or USB stick to the Raspberry Pi Arcade Stick.

First test with Commodore C64 Giana Sisters. :)


Unknown said...

Giana Sisters!
Nostalgia in my face! BAM!

Arcadeforge said...

;) one my favs besides H.E.R.O, Barbarian and Hypa Ball

Marco Constâncio said...

what is the advantage of PiJamma in this project ? can't the raspbery pi GPIO be used to read the butttons/joystick ?

Arcadeforge said...

Sure. But consider that we`ve to deal in this arcade stick project with harness for stick and buttons as well power requirements for powering the LED Mod (for each button) and powering the Raspberry Pi.

So PiJamma gives you a central point for making a clear wiring plus power distribution to RPi and LED.

PiJamma takes all button and stick harness via screw terminals and forwards it via ribbon cable to the GPIO interface.

5V and GND is grapped from the PiJamma to power the LEDs.

Matt Heyman said...

Where did you get those HDMI/USB plugs?

Unknown said...

Great idea! What did you use to power everything? Would it be possible to power it through HDMI?