Wednesday, 12 February 2014

PiJamma Installing GPIO Driver

Here`s a little tutorial for installing Arcade Controls via Raspberry GPIO Interface with PiJamma

Download driver and installation guide from PiJamma Page

Directory retrogame contains all needed files. We did use Chameleon Pi during this installation. Use is „zx“ and password „spectrum“, this applies also for the network login. We assume that folder „retrogame“ is under  „/home/zx“. 

1.    Open Terminal.
2.    Activate uinput Kernal „sudo sh -c 'echo uinput >> /etc/modules“
3.    „cd /home/zx/retrogame“
4.    „sudo ./retrogame &“

To activate retrogame automatically durinf bootup:

1.    „sudo nano /etc/rc.local“
2.    Before last “exit o” insert „/home/zx/retrogame/retrogame &“
3.    „sudo reboot“

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