Tuesday, 2 September 2014

ArcadeForge DIY Acryl Custom Fight Stick


 I was just making an  DIY Acryl Custom Fight Stick and took some pics while assembling the parts.

- Acryl Parts
- 8 pcs M4 screw nut and M4 16mm flathat screws for the walls
- 9 pcs M4 25mm flathat screws for top and bottom assembly. 5 pcs M4 12mm distance holder to connect the parts.   
- 2 pcs M3 20mm plus M3 screw nut for USB plug
- 4 pcs M4 16mm plus screw nut for joystick assembly

 CPO is made of 1,5mm strong aluminium.

 Side parts are made of 8mm strong acryl, 4 pcs on each side.

 Double side walls for putting paper artwork between them.

 Screw connection

 Sega Button Layout.

Complete package contains 4 feet, harness, 8 buttons 30mm, 3 pcs 24mm, stick unit, Dual Strike and USB Cable.

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