Saturday, 1 June 2019

Repair log knight of the rounds arcade pcb

Repaired a knights of the round arcade pcb, cps1 system.


Player 2 Button 2 not working
No clue for player 3


Checked pcb, found already replaced ics with socket.

Measured input pin on Jamma Connector to ic23 input buffer  Checked caps. Found cut off one. Replaced 74ls245 on socket and resoldered cap.

Input works again

Second found that jp1 pins goto to the buffer. So chance high that this is a interface for player 3. Measured gnd and then try and error give me

1 coin, 2 start p3, 3 left, 4 right, 5 up, 6 down, 7 fire, 8 jump, 9 and 10 gnd

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