Thursday, 11 February 2021

Pikeyd165, Rpi4, pi2jamma and retropie

Some people ask me about Linux voodoo for starting pikeyd165 on a rpi4 with pi2jamma and retropie

Here it is 

Download RetroPieRGB from git and copy it to the boot folder.

Start up system, press F4 to go to shell.

sudo cp /boot/RetroPieRGB/etc/pikeyd165.conf /etc

cd /boot/RetroPieRGB/usr/local/bin

sudo ./pikeyd165 -d

Put into auto start somewhere.

Don't forget to alter config.txt with hdmi_timings stuff.

Have in mind that this is for the DIY guys. Use ready to go distribution where possible

For Auto starting pikeyd165

sudo cp /boot/RetroPieRGB/usr/local/bin/pikeyd165 /usr/local/bin

sudo nano /etc/rc.local

Use text editor to add sudo pikeyd165 -d in first line

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