Friday, 17 January 2020

pinball custom cards for funhouse and judge dredd

Judge Dredd Custom Cards!4UAQ0A5C!WC0O5HrlMt1c9OcX5XB_izhddF6ch6dc0wDX15e_RpM

Funhouse Custom Cards!IdIyVCKA!xYHOu5599bSHkJmVa9Oz55e4BBjRbjUb3URUHi25SW8

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Size of cards

Friday, 10 January 2020

Pinball repair judge dredd rework of light illumination pcb

Everything can happen,

Dirty bulbs
Defect bulb
Ripped traces
Worn sockets
Cold solder points on connectors

Just checked everything

Pinball repair judge dredd Planet gear box motor

Crackling sounds come from the gear box of my judge dredd Planet motor. This part cost 400 bucks replacement part and difficult to source. So I took preventive action to repair it.

First, take pictures of cable connection and parts. Planet needs some steps to disassemble from playfield.

The gear box

Take car of tiny parts. There's no replacement available.

Pinball repair judge dredd crane gear box motor

On my judge dredd pinball the crane arm had strange movement and positioning. Time to rework it.
First, take pictures of all connected cables and screws. 

Store all parts and check them against pictures of known working stock parts you found in the Internet. Here I found out that the bars are bended.

Take your time while cleaning gear box and stuff. You are working with hundreds of bucks worth parts that might be not available for replacement. If unsure, consider twice to destroy it. Finally my reworked crane gear box and motor works like new.

Pinball judge dredd repair : too many balls

Here's a little post about my judge dredd. Issues as follows :

  • Two balls at start of games 
  • Judges mission does not end
  • Issue report on optocoppler 83 and other through ball chest
Apparently this is an issue for counting balls. Let's look at the pcb for the ball chest.

There are leds on it, called optocoupler. I connected 12V, to check if they work. Take your cell phone and check if they light up. Picture shows that 1, 4 and 7 are faulty.

For led 1 led resistor was broken at the end of the leg
For led 4 the led leg connects was broken.
 Led 7 was just detect.

After replacing the defect parts all described issues was solved.