Tuesday, 15 January 2019

Pi2jamma Regamebox automatically turning crt screen for vertical games

Find here since pics of the setup for turning the screen automatically when a vertical game is started.


Monday, 31 December 2018

Part 7 cabinet work

Cabinet was on the left very dirty, like it was lying in some cm dust  Anyway some cleaning with magic spoon

T Molding is a pity. Left side was missing completely and I had to replace it with normal white Molding. Original Nintendo Molding is not available anymore .

Part 6 Nintendo Popeye pcb repair

I replaced the burned 330 ohm and 51 ohm resistors by 330 ohm and 62 ohm resistors  Had nothing else at hand.

Saturday, 29 December 2018

Part 4 game pcb inspection for Nintendo Popeye Arcade cabinet

Part 4 game pcb inspection. 

Burned transistors and resistors in rgb section.

Part 3 Restauration of Nintendo Popeye arcade cabinet

Part 3 swap caps and resistors.

First the burned inverter pcb

 Simply ripped caps and burned resistors.

Measured caps with the above equipment and found defect and near defects parts.

Part 2 repair chassis of sanyo crt for Nintendo Popeye

Part 2 video chassis, audio amp and inverter board  

Quite obvious that cleaning is needed. Dirt will have impact on transistor cooling and transistors. Pics are needed for harness and plug documentation 

 Audio amp. One cap is falling from pcb. Cleaning needed as well.

Sanyo EZ has a amp and remote.

Inverter board has burned parts 

Repair of sanyo chassis pcb for Nintendo Popeye Arcade Cab

Here is a bunch of pictures made while repairing my Nintendo Popeye Cab.

Here's the chassis pcb, Audio Amp and inverter pcb. Capacitors, resistors and transistors was checked and replaced if defective 

Part 1

Checked cab for all parts. Video harness, audio harness and black bezel card is missing.

So I made a replacement cable for the video harness and a Jamma Adapter for a test game pcb. This way I know what is working and what's not. Checked psu and voltages. Finally I got this picture.

Result of this step.: faulty inverter board, faulty game pcb, faulty audio amp pcb and nearly defect Sanyo video chassis with vertical foldover.

Monday, 17 December 2018

Tuesday, 11 December 2018

PiCade 2 Player Version from ArcadeForge : Player Two is ready!

And the next ArcadeForge Release.

Picade 2 Player Version at ArcadeForge.DE

This is the PiCade 2 Player Version.

This PCB is made for Rapsberry Pi. It stacks on top and gives you a game controller plus audio amp for your arcade or bartop installtions.

- 32 Inputs
- several GND terminals
- needs only 5V for Amp
- Audio Jack
- Extra 2.1mm x 5.5mm inner plus pole for 5V jack
- Speaker terminals left and right and plus, minus
- Dip Switch for selecting volume control via software or extra buttons with terminals.
- 40 pin gpio
- Compatible to Raspberry Pi 3B+

Player Two is ready!

Friday, 7 December 2018

Mister RGB SCART Project schematic

Here is the schematic of the Mister RGB SCART Project.

Find here the design files

Get yours here:


Thursday, 6 December 2018

Mister RGB SCART available at www.Arcadeforge.de


Mister RGB SCART is available here

Just testing the new Mister RGB SCART for the mister fpga project. This pcb just plugs on top of the de10-nano and gives you rgb scart 15khz.
Retrogaming at its best.

Test was done on a Sony PVM