Thursday, 1 July 2010

TEasy Mod meets Dual Strike V2

eehm yes, that was a great :)

Just noticed that Phreako sends me the TEasy Test Board. Ok, just unwrapped it and lay it down on my fav un-dual-modded TE.

Then I take closer look at the TEasy PCB.

First of all I noticed the high quality of the pogo pins. The`re very tight. I was suprised coz I never expected such a good pressure level. I wondered about the screw in the middle. Clayton told me that this friend oversomes the bending (I did not notice at all ;)

The PCB itself is very professional. The wiring is clean and all the wires are embedded in a GND plane. There are additional GND and VCC connectors next the Dual mod interface. This Dual mod connector is compatible to Dual Strike. The white corner clamps are clicks in with a little noise, so my impression here is that they`ll do their job.

Okay, down to the daily job, removing the TE parts. Stripped of all those cables. The headphone jacks sits very tight, be careful.

Screw down the TEasy. Did I mentioned that I like that blue?

Okay, take care that you don't screw the middle screw to deep. It should only thouch slighty the bottom of the TE. If screw it to deep, the board will bend and the pins will not fit.

Yes, waht should I say, normally I would start now to solder every pin and measure it connectivity. So this would take me about an half an hour. So I was the opinion that plugging the PCB will never work. I do not care about measure, just put it on the corner clamps, move the teeth down and connected the ribbon cable. I did make no measures about electric connectivity.

I`ve cut the stock USB cable, extend the a little bit and screw them down into the srew terminals of the dual strike. Then I connected the ribbon cable. I did not care about fixing it and lay it just next to the TE PCB.

Then I put the cables aside that the top panels fit and

here it is. Connected the PC and checked the Dual Strike Ps3 controller and xbox360. All buttons and directiosn works like charm.

Summary :

Honestly I did not expect that friend to work, because I could not image that the positioning of the pins will map or that the tightness of the pogo pins are not enough. Furthermore I thought that the PCB will bend. After counting down all that issues what could happen making such a project I was looking forwad how Phreako will solve this issues. Making the mod I do not put much time into it. Just put together with only a screw driver and a pliers. That`s all and the doog thing: That was enough. Never made a dual mod faster and cleaner.

Had a great time with that mod!

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