Monday 5 July 2010

TE Plexi replacement with SEGA Button Layout and customized JLF mounting plate


I was asked more than twice to do a TE plexi replacement. A TE plexi replacment "replaces" the complete top panel, including the metal plate. The advantage is to make a different button layout and mount a different stick unit like the LS32.

Thus, I`ve stumbled upon two issues:

- Mounting of the JLF stick unit and other
- Plexi thickness
- Different Button Layouts.

First the customized mounting plate for the Sanwa JLF Stick unit.

The four inner screw next to the circle are countersinked. The stock screw fits in there. The four outer screws have drilled threads.

4mm plexi thickness ensures a very sturdy case.

You see here the installation of a sega button layout. Available in shop very soon

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