Thursday, 30 December 2010

SLG 3000 Test Sessions : SLG 3000 and 480p double lines

SLG 3000 is scanline generator for 480p outputs.
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So, I`ve mentioned in previous posts that SLG 3000 is great for xbox360 games and also 60-in-1 is possible. But now the the main benefit of SLG 3000. 240p games double lines to 480p on LCD monitor.

Yes, this is not the original resolution of R-Type. It`s double lined 480p and it`s messed up.

I put the SLG 3000 in between and it becomes near perfect :)

Keep in mind that there is no lost of picture information since the game output of 240p was doubled to 480p. In this setup no potentiometer was used -> 100% scanlines.

It was worth all the hard work :)

Second good news

I put the external PSU jack on the board and after some tweaking it fits. It`s a 2,0mm inside pin with 4,3 frame. Pin is 5V, frame is GND. BUT!! Honestly I didn't used a external PSU in all test setups. Our components was fine choosen and are absolute low power. This way it`s possible that we do not need any PSU in our setup. We keep it just to be sure.

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IvIePhisto said...

Na, das sieht ja mal super aus - Gl├╝ckwunsch! Feines Teil :)