Friday 25 February 2011

Sync Strike, design phase

Heads up... :)

I`ve made some further design on sync strike.

- reverse polarity protection
- screw terminals 5mm for external PSU (5V to 12V)
- RCA jacks for Audio
- Female Scart RGB in
- Female VGA 15Khz out with clean sync signals for RGBHV
- Switch for RGB and CSYNC on HSYNC line. Thus this device is not limited to trisync monitors. (thanks fudoh)
- Switch between external PSU and possible power supply on SCART
- Screw Terminals 5mm for all signal RGB, HSYNC, VSYNC, CSYNC and AUDIO
- Real HSYNC (thanks sailorsat)
- Mounting holes
- Amplifier for video signals

So burst your low cost scaler by providing RGBHV instead of RGBS. Use your old consoles in your cab equipped with arcade monitors :))


IvIePhisto said...

Can I also use this on a normal VGA/LCD monitor?

Arcadeforge said...

no, output is 15 KHz, but you could use a cheap scaler then...