Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Sync Strike, test and assembly phase

Hey folks,

made the first test session with SYNC STRIKE.

Take a look here at SYNC STRIKE Video on Youtube

Sorry for the scrappy cam. At least you should get an idea.

Here`re some pics.

:) okay get something wrong, here the update.

Turn the scaler to RGBs mode. Scaler expects then RGB clean composite sync. The LM1881 cleans up this signal coming from SCART (RGB and composite video). Vsync is not needed, but it doesn't hurt here.

Perhaps I get the RGB HV mode of the scaler to work, too.

- investigate the PSU protection against wrong wiring. I used here a mini fuse and a diode. I should test this without assembled converter core to spare some expensive ICs just in case

Positive results so for:

- Scart RGB Composite Video to VGA 15Khz RGB Csync works with my scaler on RGBS mode
- SLG works fine, too.

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