Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Scaler PCB gbs8220 and SNES RGB SCART


since some people got issues connecting their RGB SCART modded SNES PAL consoles to my DIY scaler kit I`ve put some work into a solution.

Here`s the scaler chain in combination with the scanline generator SLG 3000

The used scaler PCB is the gbs8220. Similar pcb is used for the HD Box Pro. So talking about the gbs8220 could apply to other devices like Hd Box pro, too.

First of all, thanks to Florian who sents me his whole SNES equipment for testing. I`ve put up the chain and got the well known "No Signal" error. Nevertheless I know that my stuff is working properly, so I was quite sure that there must something with the scaler. But after a little chat with Fudoh (thanks man!) he pointed out that the XRGB-3 has same issues with SNES. So I focused on the SNES RGB cable.

It turns out that SNES signal level are far to high from a RGB point of view. So I made a attentuation circuit and put it into the RGB Cable, where it should placed imho.

SNES setup with Sync Strike, Scaler and modded RGB cable.

close up of modded RGB cable with attentuation.

works ;)

50 Hz with scanlines

60 Hz with scanlines

I`ve included here my sclaer settings. The scaler tend to quit work if the picture is not centred. So relax, take your time and configure your scaler properly for your LCD.

DIY scaler kit



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