Monday, 17 October 2011

SLG SCART released in shop


finally SLG SCART made it to my shop :))


This is the project called SLG Scart. It gives just Scanlines to RGB SCART consoles without any need of additional scaler or sync stripper. It`s easy to install and to configure.
- Step 1 : Connect it inbetween Your RGB Scart Console and your LCD with Scart input.
- Step 2 : Plug in Power Supply Unit
That's all. Turn on and off the scanlines, adjust the scanlines level, just as you want.

Here some pics in action from SRDWA. Thanks for those pics.

pics was deleted on server, sorry!


- Scart in
- Scart out - PSU Jack
- Scanlines on / off switch
- Scanlines intensity adjustement via knob
- LED on / off
- 4 pcs Mounting holes M4

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