Tuesday, 10 January 2012

JVStrike : Sega Naomi to MAME PC


I was working lately on project for connecting Sega Naomi IO Boards to a MAME PC just by Plug and Play. Normally a complete rewiring and Keyboard or Gamecontrol Encoder like Dual Strike
is needed for such a task.

The complete Control Panel of a Sega Naomi Cab is wirded to this IO Board. JVStrike grabs this
Sega Naomi output (a single USB Cable) and converts it to a HID Keyboard with MAME Standard Keyboard Layout.

Buttons and Sticks -> Sega Naomi IO Board -> JVStrike -> MAME PC

That's all, by just plugging two cables.

Step 1. Connect USB A Cable from Sega Naomi IO Board to JVStrike
Step 2. Connect USB B Cable to JVStrike to MAME PC
Step 3. Power on PC and IO Board

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