Friday, 10 February 2012

Asteroids Restauration : knee deep in the ARI Board

PSU was fine. Next one is the ARI Board. First as usual tons of reading.

Obligatory Bob Roberts Link
Asteroids Manual
Page 32 for the schema, page 33 for the parts list.

ARI boards handle 5V regulation for game PCB and audio amnplifier. So measure the regulated 5V vs GND VDC.

Since I`m facing psu issues first, I`m taking a closer look to

C1, 470uF, 25V
Q1, LM305
Q2, TIP32
Q3, 2N3055

and of course 5V vs GND

pin5,6 vs GND
pin1,4 vs GND

Additon : just found a good pic

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