Monday, 13 February 2012

Asteroids Restauration : knee deep in the chassis

Okay, some more infos for the Asteroids Chassis G05-801

- Regulator PCB

Pin 1; 28VAC
Pin 2; GND
Pin 3; Filament GND
Pin 4; 28VAC
Pin 5; GND
Pin 6; Filamnet 6.3VAC

Pin1, Pin2 ; 25V/35V
Pin3, Pin4; GNd
Pin5; -25 / -35V
Pin6 ; Key
Pin7, Pin8; 6.3VAC

- Deflection PCB

Pin1; x; +/- 10V
Pin2; GND
Pin3; y; +/- 7.5V
Pin4; GND
Pin5 ; z; 0.5V blanking, 1.0V off, 4.0v full on
Pin6; Kex
Pin7; GND

- EHT Supply PCB

do not touch

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