Thursday 9 February 2012

Atari Asteroids : knee deep into the Power Supply Unit


this is my little friend I was in touch yesterday : The Atari Asteroids PSU:

First did some cleaning.
Replaced F5 and did some measuring. Noticed that the schematics was somehow tricky and reworked the figures of the manual.

Measure point of GND is blue spot in Fig 3.

Measure points of fuses is the red spot. This should be the values

F2 vs F3 (7A)= ~15 VAC (VDC after diode cr1, cr2)
F2 vs F3 (3A)= ~36 VAC
F6 (3A) vs GNS= 6.3VAC


F2 - F3 -> 21V
F2,F3 vs GND -> 10,5V

F4 - F5 -> 38.3V
F4, F5 vs GND -> 19.15V

F6 vs GND : 14.45v

F6 vs F4 : 31.8V (yellow cables)

For first okay, since the load of the monitor is yet to come.

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