Wednesday, 28 March 2012

UMSA first results...

Just a little heads up.

The UMSA was bugfixed with help of SailorSat (she invents the great soft15Khz) and ApfelAnni.

After some minor wirefixed we get a crisp picture. Hopefully UMSA will go next week public :)


Matteo P. said...

So cool! I was about to make myself a vga to scart RGB cable but I will definitely wait for this one! Are you going to make a case in the future? :)

bencao74 said...

Sure :) I`ll put it on my shop for a cheap preorder period. :)

Matteo P. said...

great! Can't wait to preorder one myself, then! I've searched a bit around the net but couldn't find inside talks about this project of yours, so maybe I can ask here: what's the main advantage in term of picture quality against, for example, a simple VGA to Scart cable? I'm asking this because I'm 100% sure that there will be some advantages concerning this aspect, apart from the fact that the UMSA is a much more practical, elegant and durable solution compared to a diy vga-rgb cable :)

bencao74 said...

Hey, currently there is only a german thread on arcadezentrum. Perhaps I`m opening a thread on shmups when I go public.

Features :

- HV sync is combined to composite sync via logic. So this results in a more stable signal plus broader range of supporting grahpic cards and TV

- second : easy to use. The power supply unit can be ordered a option. There is only need of a simple 5V PSU. Normally you need for giving the scart interface the correct config 1-3V, 12V and 5V for the logic. All three different voltage levels will be generated on the board and feeded to scart. Thus you get correct RGB mode and AV Mode. This is what you want.

- third: using logic to generate the composite video signal gives you the chance to use neg and pos sync. So I`ve foresee an jumper for neg and pos sync. So this results in supporting a wider range of TVs again.

These are the main reasons why I did this device. :)

Matteo P. said...

Thank you so much!!! I've also found the thread @ Arcadezentrum, too bad my knowledge of german is pretty much basic (even if part of my family lives in Switzerland). I will surely start to follow the thread on shmups when you will decide to open it, and can't wait to see the UMSA out for preorder ^^

Cheers from Italy!

bencao74 said...


UMSA Sho Page with Early Bird Rebate

Have fun ;)