Friday, 27 April 2012

Metal Plate for Sega Naomi compatible CPOs

Here again some pics of my sega naomi compatible replacment metal plates. I`ve made a pictorial here how to assemble the stick unit (Sanwa JLF). Other sticks will fit as well of course with adapter mounting plates or new holes drillings.

See the countersunk holes. This is your starting point.

Take the screws and put them through the plate. Flat head screws are used. So the plate with applied screws is flat.

Turn the metal plate and attach the nuts. This way the stick unit has a little gap to the CPO plate and improves playing. Use more nuts to extend this gap.

Attach the stick unit and apply the second set of nuts. Check the following pictures. Your installation should look like this.

Okay, after successfull installation of the stick unit lets take the attention to the buttons. Plexi is 2mm, Metal 1mm, the nose notch of the clip buttons is 3mm. So normally they should click in or at least the button nose should press against the metal frame. So the buttons are fixed even with no screw ins.
Then apply your artwork and finally place the acryl plate. In this pic no artwork is used.

Have fun

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