Monday, 14 May 2012

Asteroids : Wood work

Time to start  the wood work on the Asteroids cab.

Todo list for today :

 - Replace all parts of the backside
 - Add a second speaker
 - Add wheel for easy movement of cab
 - Add slider protection to prevent scratches on the floor.
 - Add PSU cable plug
 - Add Cab switch
 - Fill and Paint defect parts of the side walls.

 First the filling of the holes in the side walls.

See filled holes. I`ve made cuts for the wheels in the bottom, added slider protections and removed the old feets.

I had to relocate the PSU because of adding the wheels. 

I removed the old lower back plate and added a custom one. This one now has an additional on and off switch, a plug for the PSU harness and two big wheels.

okay, now to the upper back part. I`ve made an more or less exact repro ;).

 Now to the middle back part. The old one is broken.

this is the old wooden part with the stickers. It will be replaced, too. Sadly I do not have this type of stickers :(

After disassmbleing the complete cab, cleaning, wood working and building all the stuff together this is the result of this day. The middle is left plus the sticker.

Have fun.

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