Sunday 5 August 2012

Gameroom : Space Duell Road Trip and Setup


 okay, last weekend I got my horse trailer. So what to do with a horse trailer? Of course, transporting Cabs :) It came just in time since I was ordering a space duel from US.

This is spedition ramp I had to fetch my "package". Didn`t know that I had to wait about an hour. But it was ok.

My gf was helping me. I never will forget her face when I was carrying the cab to the trailers with the help of one spedition workers. Thanks a lot!

The CPO is in great shape.
The sidearts colors are strong and almost no scratches.

Since I`m having laminate floor I`m protecting it by using adhensive protective foil.

The sounds and the bass is awesome. This is pic from the bak. Left hand side is the PCB. This cab has 4 speakers.

The Cab comes from US so it has US plugs. Luckily I had a brown PSU adapter from my Atari Pole Position Sitdown left I can use here! Question is the marquee lighting. Anyone?

Turned the cab on and after 10 sec the Y deflection broke down.

After a hint from Level42 I resoldered the connector pins. Measured all parts like diodes, transistors, resistors and elkos and they gave good values.

The Cab worked after this setup actions like a charm. More pics will follow.

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