Sunday, 30 September 2012

Ms. Pacman Restauration

Ms. Pacman Restauration I´ve received a Ms. Pacman for restauration. The Gameboard is a PACMAN conversion and the cab is as usual in terrible shape. OK, the marquee is fine. But see yourself
First step, remove the gamepcb and check the PSU. Take the manual and refer to the voltages. Voltages are 1. 111V (US cab with voltage converter) 2. 112,4V 3. OK 4. 6,74V 5. 6,74V 6. 11,45V 7. 11,15V
So this is ok. Page 2 Manual Manual
Put in the Gameboard, but no picture, light neckglow. Ok, then the tube and chassis. This is the chassis. Again, done an inspection and see a ripped FR401 and width coil.

R908 - 47K-ohm 1/2-watt has some funny values.

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